July 2021

With all these specialists – isn’t there a need for generalists?

July 16th, 2021|Mindset, Niching, Positioning, Strategy|

Not just as a Health or Life Coach you have to decide: specialist or generalist? Specialists seem to be everywhere – it almost looks like generalists are not needed anymore. Let’s have a look to see if generalists will be soon extinct like the dinosaurs or if ‘s still a need for them…

4 Myths About Starting a Health or Life Coaching Business

July 1st, 2021|Niching, Positioning, Strategy|

A few widespread myths cause coaches, who are setting up a practice, headaches, problems, maybe a few tears here and there, and in the worst-case force, to stop doing what they love to do. It’s time to bust these myths for good and give every entrepreneur putting themselves out there the best chance to build an aligned and prosperous business.

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