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Your roadmap to getting booked solid (without posting on Facebook 3x a day) starts here.

I’ve helped naturopaths, health & personal development coaches…

I can help you too, especially if you…

Offer services that are valuable and create consistent results

Know that you have something valuable to give to the world? Perfect—this is the basis for us working together and getting you the impact you crave. 

Believe that everything comes from within you and you’re willing to take responsibility

You are eager to uncover that hard to grasp inner wisdom and let it shine? After saying “But, what if…” not more than twice you’re willing to take responsibility and action to create the next iteration on your way to awesome.

Want a marketing mentor who has walked the walk

With my background in the healthcare sector and marketing expertise specialized on services, I know the unique strategies health & personal development coaches need—so you can sell confidently without being salesy.

Trust and implement

Spoiler alert: It’s hard to see your own sweet spot.
With my proven system you can build your foundation and get to the next level (and by next level I mean your dream clients calling you to get one of the precious spots…).

How I Help You Create That Business that Reflects You & Resonates with Your Dream Clients

Niching & Marketing Strategy Private Coaching

Great with your clients, but business is still slow? 

In our time together you’ll boldly define your niche and signature offers. 

This will give you the confidence to talk about the results you achieve in a relatable & irresistible way, thus highlighting your expertise without sounding salesy.

Say hello to a business aligned with yourself & attracting your dream clients.


WebsiteBoost Audit

You got your website running but it’s not bringing in any clients? 

Let me give you quick wins & long-term optimizations so that you wow your visitors and get more clients.

Implementing my suggestions will make your website sparkling clean and add hooks for your ideal clients, making it easy for them to understand you’re the right choice for them.


The Website that Reflects You

You defined your niche and your signature offers?

Get it online with my carefree-done-for-you service to create a website that reflects who you are and highlights your expertise in an irresistible and ethical way! 

Your website will be aligned with you as well as your ideal client and rake in the people you love to work with!

Book a free discovery call with me to see if this is a good fit.


Questions Coaches Ask Before They Say “I’m All In” And Work With Me

If I really niche down, won’t I cut out too many potential clients?2020-07-13T22:12:43+02:00

This is one of the biggest fears of anyone when bringing more clarity to their business. And I totally get it. It feels scary to proclaim “From now on I’ll be working with 0,001% of the population*”.

But let’s be realistic! In our line of work, which is not about handing out a half-assed quick fix without building a connection to our clients and achieving true transformation for them, we need to know – really know – the people we are working with.

* Btw, how many clients do you really need to have that beautiful life you dream about?

How do I know it will work for me?2020-07-13T22:09:32+02:00

I’ve seen it over and over again: 

  • uncertainty (about what you do, who you help and in which way) transforming into clarity and relief. 
  • the feeling that your offer is finally aligned with who you are, your values and strengths. 
  • eyes lighting up – a sigh of relief…

If you think right now is not the right time or I am not the right person for you –I get it. 

Just honestly answer the question where you will be one year from now if you proceed down the same path you are currently on. And where you could be if you changed direction and took on total responsibility.

Isn’t there an online course I could take about this?2020-07-13T22:10:18+02:00

What I learned from working with my clients is that finding your niche is nearly the hardest part in the whole pr